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Free shipping on all orders over $399

Bundle & save Buy 2 pillows and get 10% off

Buy 2 pillows with 1 comforter and get 15% off

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Collections Pearl

This is our welcoming pillow collection. Its soft & kind appearance aside its strong support is our entry level to the world of fine sleeping. Made of 50/50 white Goose Down white goose feathers. These premium Blend pillows are handcrafted and built to last. It is designed to deliver down Softness and a feather firmness that you can rely on for perfect comfort and affordability. Get ready to experience great sleeping experiences every night. our most affordable line of authentic pillows, the 50/50 down and feather blend might be right for you.

Collections Ruby

The feeling you'd expect from a 5 star hotel, every night, and in your bedroom! Our ruby collection is made of 80% down and 20% white goose feathers. Plush and firm so you can count on this incredible blend to keep you cozy, warm and asleep.

Collections Sapphire

Now we’re getting serious, our most popular line. Consisting of 85% down and only 15% white goose feathers. This is where the tilt towards refined luxury begins. These down pillows and comforters will last for years, giving you the best night’s sleep you’ve ever had. Plush, firm and supportive. These pillows and comforters are a must for any drafty home.

Collections Emrald

For the serious pillow aficionado, someone who truly knows their down percentages. Consisting of just 10% white goose feathers, this pillow is 90% down cluster. This pillow is more down that 90% of the other pillows you see on the market. Hand stuffed and hand sewn, you can rest assured you’ll be getting the best nights sleep ever. Soft, firm, supportive and warm. This collection is near perfection and extremely luxurious.

Collections Diamond

The perfect pillow doesn't exi…. YES IT DOES, meet the Diamond collection. At minimum, these pillows and comforters are stuffed with 95% white goose down. There is less than 5% feather content within them, which makes these as close to true down as you can get. This is the creme dela crop, the sexiest pillow you'll ever see and the most comfortable pillow money can buy. The answer to your prayer

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